The process/ BAJAN 1966: Alchemy

BAJAN 1966 is an alchemical mix of limestone-filtered water, midnight molasses and the joy that coursed through the veins of our people when Barbados gained Independence. Our emancipation from British rule is more than a date, it’s in the very DNA of our nation. The spirit of freedom continues to flourish — in fertile soils, in emerald sugar cane, and in every drop of our seductive rum. It’s even carried in the northeast trade winds which helped bring our drink to the world.



Water: Barbados is formed of porous coral limestone which acts as a natural filter for the island’s deep spring of groundwater. Our water is some of the purest in the world, only adding to our rum’s impeccable quality.

Molasses: Barbadian sugar is celebrated globally for its superior grain and taste. In the 18th century, its by-product molasses was known as ‘Black Gold’, due to its economic significance. Viscous and sweet, Molasses is a full-bodied syrup that truly pops with flavour. It’s the liquid that remains once the sugar cane has been boiled and its crystallized sugar extracted.


BAJAN 1966 is made in the heart of Barbados using a proprietary blend of column and pot still distillates. The result is a complex, layered and robust rum that tantalizes the palate.

Fermentation begins when molasses and the island’s limestone-filtered water are combined with a special yeast. This process is conducted outdoors, under the bluest Barbados skies, a tradition originating in the 18th century.

The rum is aged in heavy-charred American oak barrels, which previously housed bourbon. This process delivers additional flavours and aromas, unlike other rum brands.

BAJAN 1966 is unadulterated, meaning no added sugars, flavours or perfumes have been added to the blend. It’s an impeccably smooth sipping rum that can be enjoyed by absolutely everybody.